Orang Utan’s:

It is possible to see the orang utans close to Palangka Raya. You can join a boat trip for not much money or charter a speed boat to visit some islands in the Rungan river where they train the orang utans to be released to the wild later. There, you can easily see them from the boat, sometimes pretty close by, sometimes even in groups. It is such a special experience to see these impressive animals! It looks like wild but it is semi-wild only. This is a half-day trip from the Bukit Raya Guesthouse, with a local tour operator. This tour operator is also offering some small walks (30 minutes) into the swamp forest, however this is not a tropical forest trekking, however  definitely worthwhile!

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Recreation & adventure

We are happy to organize for you:

  • Orang Utan trip on small boats or speed boat.
  • River trips on the Kahayan, Rungan or Sembangau River.
  • Hiking in the Tangkiling Hills or visiting the Dayak village close to the mountain.
  • Outbond motorbike off roading, adventure in the Tangkiling Hills.
  • The monastery of Karmel is also worthwhile to pay a visit with it’s beautiful garden of statues.
  • Full adventure forest trip into the Heart of Borneo
  • Visiting a so-called Dayak Longhouse:
  • Visiting Tanjung Puting National Park in Pangkalanbun /Kumai
  • Visiting Loksado in the Meratus Mountains in South Kalimantan
  • Visiting the Derawan Islands in East Kalimantan for snorkeling and diving in one of the most amazing underwater paradise of Indonesia.
  • On the tracks of the Mission work and Evangelization
  • How does globalization and international money change the landscape of Kalimantan

Do not hesitate to contact us for your special request.