We offer several services such as catering, fresh homemade bread for sale, breakfast and laundry service. Our staff is pleased to prepare your breakfast with daily fresh fruits, muesli, several cereals, fresh bread as well as butter and jam.

For lunch and / or supper, you can order in advance. Please ask our staff for local and international dishes. We are happy to cook for you according to your personal wishes depending on availability of goods on the market.

We also prepare lunch packages if you leave for a longer journey or a day excursion.

In our garden, we run a small aquaponic system where we grow fish and organic vegetalbes. We are happy to prepare several local meals such as fresh fish, chicken, beef, pork and vegetarian food. Our team is also able to offer you some international meals including spaghetti, potatoes and even the original Swiss roesti.

The hot and cold water dispenser is located in the dining room. Here coffee, tea and cold drinks, such as the famous and healthy lemongrass tea – ‘teh serai’, are available. We also offer some softdrinks in our little kiosk.

We would like to draw the attention of our guests on to a very serious problem in Kalimantan. Excessive alcohol consumption is a major cause of marginalisation of the indigenous communities in Kalimantan. A lot of suffering, especially for women and children is often the consequence of uncontrolled consumption of alcohol. That’s why we do not offer any alcoholic drinks in our Guesthouse and we do strongly recommend to our guests, to abstain from all kind of alcoholic drinks during their stay in Kalimantan, also in our Guesthouse. We would like to explain you more about this serious issue during your stay in our guesthouse. Do not hesitate to ask us for!

Please, contact one of our staff members if you want your laundry to be washed.

Inorder to reduce our ecological food print, we do not change bed sheets and towels every day. If you like your bed sheet and/or towel to be changed please hang the prepared hangers on the door when you leave for your daily activity. Our staff will then act accordingly.