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Welcome to Our Guesthouse!

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BUKIT RAYA - GUESTHOUSE is a newly renovated accommodation facility. Businessmen, tourists, volunteers to environmental and social projects, families or single persons will find a quiet, safe and relaxing island in the middle of the daily stress and business activities.
Pay us a visit, it will be worth your while!

Why Palangka Raya?

Why should you come to Palangka Raya anyway? We can help you with arranging several trips, which you can undertake around Palangka Raya.

Wild landscape

A trip through the wild landscape by jeep or motorbike, a discovery trip to the life and living of the Dayaks, the visit of special Dayak-events, it’s all possible. Take a look on this site: www.heart-of-borneo.net

Boat trip

You can make a boat trip and watch orang utans on the Kaja island in the Rangun river, where they are prepared for real life in the jungle. During this daytrip you can enjoy the views from the Rangun river and watch it more closely. Next to that you can take a look into wild life, for you’ll probably see kingfish, makak monkeys, beautifully coloured birds and, who knows, sunbears, too. During this trip you see local fishermen, a village at the bank of the river, you can go swimming at a white sand beach and take a stroll into the jungle. A Central Borneo cruise offers you the possibility to go on the river for a few days. They have a beautiful boat hotel. You can send an email to: kapalsusursungai@yahoo.com


Do you prefer to go swimming in a swimming pool, or to play golf, pay a visit to the market by day or by night, climb the Tangkiling mountain, etc.: we can help you with this!


If we know it in time, you can undertake a plane flight in a small waterplane. That plane can get you much closer to the real jungle. Or maybe you want to pay a visit to Marikoi, where a local guide can take you to the jungle.

Tanjung Puting National Park

Or do you want to go to the world famous Tanjung Puting monkey reserve? You can fly to it, but there are buses going to Pangkalanbun. From there you continue to Tanjung Puting. It’s quite a trip, but in this ways it’s cheap. We can help you with arranging your trip.


What about a delicious massage? Daily we can arrange a massage. After such a massage you’ll feel completely relaxed and your tiredness after a day of many impressions, is gone.

Do you want to know more about the possibilities. Don’t hesitate to mail us. We are full of ideas about what to undertake in this particular and wonderful area. You can also buy a ‘Lonely Planet’ guide about Kalimantan.

Newly renovated

We have just renovated our Guesthouse. A unique and special experience.


Just relax yoour mind and body. Come & stay at our Bukit Raya Guesthouse.


Home away from home! Kindness, hospitality and wonderful conversations. Thank you very much.

- Wanda and Eric

Rietje is an extremely generous and accommodating host. She has also been very thoughtful in preparing me for my trip to Kalimantan, and keeps well in touch via email.

- Jenny

During my many trips I visited quite a lot of guesthouses. But Bukit Raya Guesthouse impresses me the most! I absolutely plan to come back.

- Martijn

After having spent some nights in Bukit Raya Guesthouse we went into the interior. Entering the gate of BRGH a few days later felt like coming HOME. Such a wonderful place!

- Sandra

There is no better guesthouse in Kalimantan!

- Jonas