Bukit Raya PanoramaThe BUKIT RAYA GUESTHOUSEBRGH, is a simple and natural accommodation facility. Businessmen, tourists, researchers, volunteers to environmental and social projects, families or single persons will find a quiet, safe and relaxing island in the middle of the daily stress and business activities. Experiencing a bit of Kalimantan just in the middle of Palangka Raya City! Pay us a visit; it will be worth your while!

Why Palangka Raya?
Why should you come to Palangka Raya anyway and what are the attractions in and around Palangka Raya?

P1020751Orang Utan (Pongo pygmaeus)
One of the most outstanding attractions are the Orang Utan which you can visit just near by the city. The Nyaru Menteng Orang Utan Rehabilitation Center is located 28 km outside of Palangka Raya. Visit the Rehabilitation center and the Oran Utans in semi-wild condition.


Wild landscapeWild Landscape and Dayak Culture
You can discover the unique landscape of Kalimantan and culture of Dayak people by car, boat, motorbike, float plane and hiking. We can propose several tours and adventure trips, just custom made according to your imaginations and preferences.


Boat trip – River cb1ruise
You can make boat trips on the unique rivers, the Rungan River, the Kahayan River and the Sebangau River, around Palangka Raya. We can help you arranging daily trips or overnight trips on low, medium and high luxury level, just according to your budget and preferences. You can see a part of the unique and typical landscape of Central Kalimantan with its swamp forests and slow flowing streams.

Recreation between the trips
Do you prefer to go swimming in a swimming pool, or to play golf, pay a visit to the market by day or by night, visiting the local museum, enjoy local food at the riverbank or climb the Tangkiling hills, etc.: we can help you with this!

Ultimate Jungle experience into the Heart of BorneoFloat plane takeoff
Trips interior to the end of civilization will take at least one week. This is the ultimate jungle experience outside of every tourist stream and we ask our customers for an elevated cultural understanding and awareness. We can only take small groups up to 2 or 3 person into this “End of discovered world- experience” and we expect a positive contribution to our community development program which we are implementing in the Heart of Borneo. For further information and best timing (season) please contact us far ahead.

Tanjung Puting National Park
Or do you want to go to the world famous Tanjung Puting National Park with its monkies and apes? We can help you with arranging your trip.

And why should you stay with us at Bukit Raya Guesthouse?
We make the DIFFERENCE in accommodation. We don’t try to turn Kalimantan into something you will find in every rated Hotel all over the world. We from BRGH would like to give you a glimpse of Kalimantan – feel the difference, discover the spirit of living in the tropics and don’t compare us with standard Hotels in the city. BRGH is incomparable… Do you like the challenge? Then go ahead and discover our website first, we would be happy to be your host!

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